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Welcome.   The Tour of Italy for the Financially Challenged  provides images and detailed information about Italy.   This site can also help you decide where to go and what to see when you are planning a vacation in Italy. Travel to Italy requires a fair amount of research and planning and this site provides the qualified and relevant historical and cultrual information you need to plan your trip to Italy.


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Time Line of Italian History

These chronolgies show many of the most significant events that shaped the rich and unique culture of Italy. The US claims to the melting pot of the world, but iItaly is the original melting pot. The sheer number of political and cultural influences that have dominated the development of life on the peninsula is unparalelled. Explore these timelines to get a glimpse into the history of one of the most culturally rich countries in the world.


60,000 BC - 1300 AD

1300 AD - 1998 AD


Photo Tours and Visitor Guides:

The links below lead to photos and information about the history and culture of some of the most famous sites in Italy.  Read through these visit guides to learn where to go, what to see, and what to do at these iconic Italian destinations.  In order to make the most of your time in Italy, it pays to do your homework.


Amalfi and the Amalfi Coast


Capri / Blue Grotto / Piazzetta


Montecassino; The Abbey


Mt. Etna - The 2001 Eruption - Day / Night


Mt. Vesuvius and Naples Panorama


Naples - Video Tour


Pisa History / Leaning Tower of Pisa


Pompeii: The Forgotten City


Positano - Spectacular Amalfi Coast Pictures


Vatican Museums


Venice - The Historic City on the Sea


The Republic of San Marino


Sicily: The Cultural Mecca of the Mediterranean 


Off the Beaten Track

The destinations listed here are less well known, but no less stunning.  To truly understand this country, one must gain insights from locations that are not on the typical tourist's radar screen.  These locations will give you a glimpse of the historic foundations that have shaped the cultural development on the Italian peninsula. 

Arco Felice


Baia, the Archeological Park 


Capua and Santa Maria Capua Vettere


Casamari Abbey


Monte Nuovo ,Phlegrean Fields, Campania


Naples, Miscellaneous Pictures


Solfatara, A Dormant Campi Felegri Volcano


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