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Capua and Santa Maria Capua Vettere

     Capua is located on a bend of the Volturno river in the Campania region of Southern Italy..  It is a few kilometers north east of Naples.  From the center of Capua you would not know that the river is there as the town is not situated to take advantage of the natural scenery.  This sleepy little town does not have much to offer the average tourist, however it does provide a fascinating glimpse into the past. 

The amphitheater in Capua Vettere

Sant' Angelo in Formis

    In the pages that follow I will share with you some images and information about Capua's Campano Museum, the modern city of Capua, Capua Vettere's spectacular amphitheater and mysterious Mithrium along with Sant' Angelo in Formis where a interesting medieval Christian basilica can be found.   

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     Above (right) is a picture of the tunnels under the main floor of the amphitheater in Capua Vettere.  This is one of the most spectacular amphitheaters that you will find in Italy.  I was so impressed by it that I have dedicated three pages to it. 

    Above (left) is a direct shot of the church at Sant' Angelo in Formis.  This church is a fine example of a medieval Christian basilica with very early Christian roots.

     On the right is marble likeness of the head of Apollo.  It is just one of thousands of pieces being preserved at the Campano Museum in Modern Capua.  The most interesting items on display are the Capuan Mothers; a collection of votive statues that predate Christianity. 

Apollo head sculpture from the Campano Museum in Capua

A keystone from the Amphitheater used in the City Hall

      An excellent example of the reuse of things from the past.  This keystone was once the center of an arch at the amphitheater in Capua Vettere. It is now being used as a decorative statue in the wall of the city's municipal building. Home      |     Next - Amphitheater 1 >> Home | Italy MAPS | Academic Content | Links | About Us | Italy News | Italian Phrasebook | Italy Weather | Site Map

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