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Naples, Italy Collection

Video Tourist

I love YouTube!  These videos show some of the incredible sites and curiosities that you would find on arrival in Naples. These videos are nice, but to truly experience the flavor of Napoli, one must visit. You have not lived until you have had mozzarella di buffola in Campania.

Naples Slideshow(7 min, 45 sec) A couple on their honeymoon in Naples was kind enough to post an excellent collection of photos.

The video includes downtown Naples, Mt. Vesuvius, a typical Neapolitan craftsman working in a cameo shop, the bay of Naples and many, many, many pictures of Pompeii. 

There are also a few pictures of the happy newlyweds sprinkled here and there in this video.

Naples Museums (5 min, 40 sec)  A very well scripted tour of the little known (and under appreciated in my opinion) museums of Naples.

The video covers the outstanding collection of paintings and sculpture housed at the Archeological Museum, the Gallaria Umberto near piazza Plebecito, and the outstanding artwork housed at the Gallaria Farnese of Capodiamonte.

Not covered in this video, but worth a look, is the Villa Pignatelli which can be found at the mid point of the Villa Communale opposite the ocean in the Chiaia area.

Crazy Singing Taxi Man (1 min, 11 sec) This video just goes to show that when you jump into a taxi in Naples, you never know what you are going to get.
Cruise Passengers Port Call in Naples to tour Pompeii (6 min, 53 sec)

The commentary is a bit funny and a bit annoying... I can't decide. 

The tour of Pompeii is a must for anyone spending a day in Naples; their tour guide is a typical Italian tourguide. They also pass by Castle Nuovo, which appears in the background towards the end.

All I can say for sure is that the Pizza Margherita shown at the end looks very, very tasty. Home | Italy MAPS | Academic Content | Links | About Us | Italy News | Italian Phrasebook | Italy Weather | Site Map

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